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Pierce Instruments Inc., (PI) a Vermont corporation, is a design and manufacturing establishment, founded in 1991. We specialize in the development of medical devices, and consumer health products. We also are active in sports, consumer products, and soldier systems. Our projects range from single product conception and development, to extensive product line initiation in orthopedic arthroscopy, endoscopic surgery, wound care, and sports biomechanics. Past, and present clients include, Arthrex Inc., Johnson & Johnson Professional Inc., Smith & Nephew, Mitek Surgical Products, Ethicon Inc. and Orthopaedic Biosystems Ltd., Inc., Inion Oy, Prochon Biotech, Symmetry Medical (SMA), Arthrocare, Skis Dynastar, and Hinckley Cellars.

Pierce Instruments created the Silveron™ antiseptic silver bandage in 1996 and founded Pierce Surgical Corporation in 2008.

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