Pierce Instruments (PI) can offer a wide range of R&D services to help clients in identifying & developing various medical devices or medical products businesses. The skill list below identifies the tasks and operations that we provide and manage on a project basis.

Value Diligence, Technology Assessment, IP Situation and Strategy, Technology Searches, Experimental Design, Comparative Performance Testing.

Compilation of Research Reports which identifies and quantifies the merits of specific ideas and evaluates the synergy of the technology with the intended philosophy of the client; Cost Benefit Analysis, Prototype & Pilot Manufacturing - Prototype Fabrication; System Development & Testing; Small & Large Run machining in cooperation with the facilities of our network partners. Intellectual Property Evaluation; Formation of the key personnel and resources necessary for commercialization; Proof of Principle

Project Management

Timeline/Gantt charting of critical tasks and paths; Integration and Management of key personnel and resources in a team environment; Vendor Selection & Management


Liaison with public and private decision makers; Troubleshooting and Negotiating Regulatory requirements; Hosting Information Forums & Publishing Press Releases; Preparation and Presentation of findings at major national and international medical conferences. Pierce Instruments will rely on guidance from the executive management & engineering teams in determining the planning and budgeting of the specified projects and tasks. Once the preferred technological avenue is determined, the key individuals, agencies and corporations will be identified and actuated toward the program objective. PI can work independently and within a team environment to facilitate the project management.

PI utilizes a network of advisors and consultants to support the scientific, technological, regulatory, and marketing aspects of a project. We believe that there are always multiple solutions to problems and challenges; we take your challenges and turn them into possibilities.

PI has access to prototype machining and fabrication facilities. We use SolidWorks, AutoCAD and various CAE tools such as MATLAB, ANSYS & COSMOS.